In UMA we use 100% certified organic cotton. Our cotton grows naturally on clean grounds without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Its seeds have not been genetically treated and biological methods are used to control pests. We also use eco-friendly dyes, since our vision is to take good care of our planet.

On the other hand, conventional cotton contributes with 10% of the pesticides and nearly 25% of insecticides used worldwide, making it one of the most contaminant crops for the environment.

UMA not only protects the environment but its people as well. We respect fair-trade throughout our supply chain. Workers are guaranteed fair wages and good working atmospheres. They enjoy their work, knowing that in some way they are also contributing to save our future.

We work closely with Bergman Rivera┬┤s organic cotton that guarantees certified high quality products, fair trade and respect for the land,