UMA was born from the vision of making a difference in our world. We want our children to wear high quality clothing that does not harm the environment and creates job opportunities for our people. UMA is made with Peruvian organic cotton by Peruvians.

Our clothing is natural, pure, organic, and free from pesticides. This way we ensure soft, durable, allergy free garments without compromising our design. Our children deserve the finest fabrics for their delicate skin. Organic cotton is the natural choice.

We have a highly qualified design team that is committed to providing our children with trendy, comfortable outfits. UMA has two tendencies: the baby basics and the childrenĀ“s collections. The baby basics collection is made from the un-dyed natural cotton (the original color of cotton: beige, brown and green). The childrenĀ“s collections are made with colorful fabrics that are eco-friendly dyed. Both tendencies deliver the finest quality and lifestyle products possible.

We are committed to our environment.